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DSCR Investment Loans By RanLife

Up to 50 properties In One Loan

Simple Loan Qualification

Finance up to $6.25 million

DSCR Investment Loans By RanLife

Up to 50 properties In One Loan

Simple Loan Qualification

Finance up to $6.25 million


A DSCR Loan is a small business loan, NOT A PERSONAL LOAN. A DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loan is a type of financing commonly used in commercial real estate transactions. DSCR loans are particularly beneficial for investors looking to acquire income-generating properties such as multi-family units, rental properties, apartment buildings, or shopping centers! DSCR Minimum Loan Amount - $100,000


RanLife Home Loans' DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Program is a groundbreaking way to purchase investment properties for both seasoned and first-time investors. A DSCR LOAN IS NOT A PERSONAL LOAN. You can use a DSCR loan for cash-out purposes on existing properties or consolidate (up to 50) properties into one loan & a single payment. A DSCR loan uses cash flow, instead of standard debt to income ratios to qualify.

DSCR Loan Qualifications

DSCR Loans are very simple to qualify for. The main qualifications for a DSCR loan are: 1. The borrower must have or set up an LLC, corporation, or small business entity to hold the DSCR loan & 2. The borrower must be able to prove cash flow from investment properties. Cash flow can include short-term or long-term rentals. If you are unsure if you qualify, fill out the form below & one of our experts will evaluate if a DSCR loan is right for you.


Keep your investment portfolio simple and by having multiple properties all in one monthly payment and one loan servicer. Simplify your investment portfolio with RanLife.


RanLife Home Loans' Real Estate DSCR Loan Program allows investors to finance up to 50 properties or 6.25 million within one investment loan.


Standard mortgage qualifications are not for everybody. If you don't have standard income or are self-employed, RanLife's investor program uses the properties cash flow as opposed to standard income documentation


Maximize your capital by taking cash out on all your properties with just one transaction. Use that equity to continue building your portfolio.


Regardless of your personal income, RanLife's DSCR Loans are simple to qualify for. Qualification is based on the properties' cash flow


Although RanLife's DSCR loans are great for investors with multiple properties, investment loans can be available for first-time investors buying solely one property.


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DSCR Loans Are Not Personal Loans. DSCR Loans Are For Real Estate Investment Purposes Only
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Understand DSCR Loans

What Type Of Property Can I Purchase?

Any residential property up to 4-units are allowed. This includes condos, townhouses, duplexes, etc.
*Non- warrantable condos are limited to 75% LTV . *Condo-Hotel loans are not permitted.

How many properties can I wrap into a DSCR Loan?

There are two options you can take with a DSCR loan. One is a standard loan with one property. You can also choose to do a blanket option that will encompass between 3 and 50 different properties with a maximum loan amount of $6,250,000.

What if my investments are short-term, nightly rentals?

With a history of income on your short-term rentals, we are able to look at taxes to figure out what your cash flow on a property is and use that as income. When purchasing a new nightly rental we can use the standard fair market rent for a 30-day term if no previous average is available.

Can I close a DSCR Loan in an LLC?

Yes. DSCR Loans are business purpose loans that allow you to hold the title of your properties in an LLC. This also removes it from your personal credit report.

Are Interest Rates High If I Am Not Using Standard Income To Qualify?

No. Interest rates for DSCR Loans can be very comparable to conventional rates.

How Much Cash Out Can I Recieve?

Cash-out on investment properties is up to $500,000 per property using 75% of the LTV. Up to $2,000,000. Cash-out must be used for business purposes.

What if my properties are in different states?

Properties can be located in any of the 50 united states.

Can I Sell Single Property DSCR Portfolio?

Yes. This is simply called a partial release price.